R-Gray is a series of experimental spacecrafts developed by the Barca Section, which consists of two models, R-Gray 1 and R-Gray 2.

All R-Gray spacecrafts are armed with lock-on laser which is linked to AX-11 Radar Fire Control System which guides the lasers to the tracked target. The system requires reaction time far above normal human's thus each model is further split into two subtypes; Auto which uses computer-assisted aiming for its lock-on laser and Manual which is equipped with Cybernetics Link System that requires cybernetically-enhanced pilot to operate. Three spacecrafts were made for each model and subtype, in total there are 13 R-Grays were made. (twelve plus one early prototype - the R-Gray 0).[1]


As with other thematically named objects and places in RayStorm, R-Gray is named after Earl Grey.


  1. Kotobukiya 1/144 Scale RayStorm 'R-GRAY1' Model manual

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