Dual Lance is the first boss of RayForce.


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A small battleship being built at the asteroid front line base in Operation Area 1. It received codename "DUAL LANCE" from the shape of its main guns which resembling a pair of long lances. Its body is divided into twin power units and a bridge section of the center. The power units can be detached should one of which is heavily damaged or destroyed. As the bridge section is well-armored and heavily armed the warship still combat capable even if only bridge section remains.

Dual Lance appears to be equipped with a high-performance ECM, its EM waves interferes with optical sensors and causes visual distortion in which a bright red stream can be seen in the surroundings.[1]


  • Length 165m (arms deployed) (estimate)
  • Width 112m (Including arm) (estimate)
  • Height 130m (Including arm) (estimate)
  • Weight 865,000t (estimate)[1]

Attack patternsEdit

Form 1Edit

  • arms deployed
  1. 2x semi-aimed shots from each arm, fired diagonally
  2. 5x winding shots from each power unit
  • arms retracted
  1. 3x aimed shots from each arm, fired diagonally
  2. 5x winding shots from each power unit
  3. 2x laser shots from each power unit

Form 2Edit

  1. 4x straight lasers (short burst)
  2. 4x straight lasers (long burst)
  3. 4x winding shots from each nacelle
  4. 5x aimed shots in horizontal pattern once either nacelle is destroyed
  5. combination of #1 and #2
  6. combination of #1 and #3
  7. combination of #1 and #4 when both nacelles are destroyed



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