Hannibal is the fourth boss of RayStorm.


The boss is named after Hannibal, a highly distinguished general from Carthage.


An enormous space battleship with planet-killing capability, it was secretly developed by the Earth Allied Force for several years. As the Hannibal was only 70% complete by the time it was deployed to hold off Secilian invasion, only smaller weapons were operational while its more powerful weapons, including a powerful meson cannon were unusable. Therefore, the ship was assigned as the flagship of the 3rd Fleet. After Secilia successfully conquered Earth and subjugated its military forces, it goes without saying this mighty battleship ended as one of their spoil of war. [1]


  • Battleship-grade laser cannons (main guns) × 4 (Incomplete)
  • Omni-directional homing laser × 8
  • Anti-ship missile VLS port × 16
  • Photon torpedo launcher × 6
  • Fighter bays × 4
  • Charged particle accelerated cannons × 2 (Incomplete) -[1]


  • The Hannibal is the largest boss fought in RayStorm, if not in the whole Ray Series.



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