Layer Section II is the Sega Saturn port of RayStorm released exclusively in Japan by MediaQuest.


The Saturn Port was exclusively released in Japan as Layer Section II by MediaQuest. While lacking in graphics & sound department and gameplay smoothness due to hardware limitations, it offers several exclusive features:

  • The absence of Extra mode and the subsequent 13 Ships mode. Only Arcade mode is present
  • Stage Select is replaced with Attack Mode and available from the beginning
  • Addition of opening, ending and intermission FMV cutscenes
  • Addition of CG images used as loading screen between stages
  • R-Gray 0 is initially available for use with selectable Auto and Manual fire modes
  • Shooting Down Rate option is initially available from the options menu
  • Continue/credit stock can be adjusted from the options menu



Layer Section II intro video - Sega Saturn00:41

Layer Section II intro video - Sega Saturn

Layer Section II レイヤーセクションII ~ CG Scenes04:22

Layer Section II レイヤーセクションII ~ CG Scenes

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