Lexicon Φ (phi) 2[1] is an unarmed power-up carrier found in RayCrisis.


This power-up carrying ship is divided into two sections; main body and aft container. While the container section is rather fragile (one shot from lock-on laser is enough take it out) its main body is much sturdier it requires one shot of WR-01's hyper laser to kill it. However like other larger enemies, this can be exploited to increase lock-on chain; when a squadron of zakos (or any other zako/mook enemies) appears nearby, one can lock on power-up carrier first before locking on the zakos/mooks so that the player gets higher multiplier for each destroyed enemies.

The container releases a shot power-up and a lock-on power-up each when destroyed, and the main body releases one of either power-up. In Special Mode the ship releases encroachment down power-up and extra life instead.


  • In the official guidebook the power-up carrier shares same name as the underwater mechas found in the end of Consciousness Part stage. Whether it's a typo or deliberate it is yet to be confirmed. [1]



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