Remix Mode is a special mode exclusively made for the smartphone ports of Ray Series. This mode's feature varies throughout the game. Not unlike the Arcade Mode, individual stage/part can be selected in Remix Mode with no high score entry.


"The Remix Mode provides a new, smartphone-optimized experience with simple flick-style controls."
― Store description
In RayForce, Remix Mode provides faster control optimized for touch screen use allowing faster than arcade default ship movement. No visual nor stage layout difference in this mode.


"The Remix Mode provides a new, Smartphone-optimized experience with revised difficulty setting, enemy placement, and color schemes. The special TANZMIX mode sound is fresh, too!"
― Store description
In RayStorm, Remix Mode is essentially mobile port counterpart of the PSX's Extra mode complete with Neu Tanz' remixed soundtrack.


"REMIX MODE is a special mode which adjusts the difficulty level according to the smartphone, plus its own arrangement on the map and sound! It is also possible to play only one designated stage for short play in the gap time!"
― Store description
In RayCrisis, Remix Mode is a modified version of console port's Extra Mode where all stages are available in a single playthrough, however this mode uses original Arcade Mode's map layout, visuals and gameplay mechanics. Extra mode's 23 minute long music track, "Blue - the day you live on earth" is used in this mode.