"The Special Attack is intended for emergency use. It causes multiple explosions across much of the screen, dealing considerable damage to enemies while granting temporary invulnerability to the player's ship."
― Help description from mobile version

Special Attack is a game mechanic first introduced in RayStorm and available for both R-Gray and Wave Rider ships. This weapon serves as screen-clearing bomb which only can be used if the SP Attack gauge is full. The gauge can be filled by destroying enemy units and killing enemies using Lock-On Laser fills the gauge faster, and can be filled even faster by making larger lock-on chain (or Hyper Laser). Like Lock-On Laser, chain killing using SP Attack increases the score multiplier.

Special attack can be performed by pressing both Shot and Laser button simultaneously, in the console/mobile ports a standalone button for performing special attack is available. In RayCrisis, the HUD will display how many points were achieved

R-Gray SeriesEdit

R-Gray's special attack unleashes a barrage of area of effect lasers that covers almost screen width area in front of player's ship, thus enemies behind or right next to player's ship may not be affected by the explosions.

Wave Rider SeriesEdit

In RayCrisis, a new Special Attack, dubbed Round Divider was introduced for Wave Rider series ships. Instead of laser barrage, the Round Divider creates a spherical explosion from player ship that covers the whole screen, instantly destroying all smaller enemies and projectiles on screen. Although Round Divider is more effective at clearing screen from enemies, R-Gray's SP attack deals more damage than standard Round Divider. For comparison, SP attack can destroy all ten Infinity's rings during its rolling laser attack while Round Divider only capable of destroying 8 out of 10 rings.